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AMG Launches "Human-to-Human" Phone #Canvassing Service [Abbott Media Group]


Abbott Media Group
Contact: Stephen Abbott 772.261.1173

October 3, 2016


Abbott Media Group has announced the launch of its new “Human-To-Human” phone canvassing service.

Owner and founder Stephen Abbott says the service is designed to bring professional, effective human-based phone canvassing to political campaigns across the nation.

AMG is immediately making the service available to political campaigns seeking to reach out to voters and encourage support in these final weeks of the 2016 campaign season.

"We believe this service will be a vital and invaluable tool to political campaigns as they reach out to voters for the final time," said Abbott. "With a starting cost of 33 cents per call, these Human-to-Human calls are indeed more expensive than "Robocalls," which tend to run around 6 cents a call," he admits. "But these calls are infinitely more effective, and besides, everyone hates automated Robocalls."

In fact, studies show that Robocalls are, "chronically ineffective and inefficient means of mobilizing voters" (Green and Karlan 2006; Ramirez 2005) while personalized messages delivered in a conversational manner over the phone have been found to be as effective (and are more cost-effective) than door-to-door canvassing. (Nickerson 2006; Stollwerk 2006)

Abbott stresses that many voters today simply hang up angrily on robocalls, which are obviously non-human, and hold it against the candidate (if they remember the name of the candidate at all!) He says the service is meant to supplement volunteer phone banking efforts, which, while effective, can be less reliable than professional phone banking efforts.

The Human-To-Human Phone Canvassing Service is best suited for short calls with a goal of getting out the vote (GOTV) reminding supporters to attend a rally or debate, or as an effort to raise a candidate’s name awareness. Longer calls, with goals of information gathering or polling, are also available. The service is available for businesses, past the November election, says Abbott.

For more information, call Abbott Media Group at 772-261-1173 or visit for details.


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